One Bite S’more

Sometimes, all you really need is just one little bite. That’s where these one bite s’mores come in. I just needed a little sweet pick me up on a tired Friday. I am a firm believer in foods making you feel better. House shopping is like zero fun (I have to admit that it’s less fun than selling, who would have thought!), especially when the market you are looking to purchase in has such high demand that houses sell within 24 hours of listing. Say what? Ain’t nobody got time for that, especially us, which is why we keep missing houses!!

Like I said, that’s where these one bite s’mores come in. That way, you only need one bite and you can feel better. You need to save eating a whole jar of Nutella for those really awful days.

Feel free to substitute graham cracker pieces for the animal crackers, or really any cookie your heart desires. Also, feel free to make several bites- no judgment here, we all need s’more chocolate in our lives.

Also, why does the word s’more auto-correct into the word snore? That’s just not right. And not even related, am I right or am I right? I’m going to have to speak to somebody about that.

One Bite S'more - Bacon is the Way to Happiness- #s'more #chocolate #sweets #treats

One Bite S’more
Yields: 1 serving

4 animal crackers
1 piece of chocolate (I used this chocolate)
1 marshmallow

1. Using either a toaster oven or conventional oven, place two animal cookies on a baking sheet, place chocolate piece and marshmallow on top. Broil for about 30 seconds. Remove from oven, top with remaining two cookies and enjoy!
2. NOM.
3. Feel free to make additional s’mores!

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