On Marriage

This month marks six years that I have been married to my husband. I find it so hard to believe that six years have passed by. So much has happened in a little over a half of a decade, and I cannot imagine a better person to go through this life with. We met in college and fell in love instantly and married shortly after I graduated.

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Looking back upon that blessed day, I see two kids at 25 and 22, and endless promise. Six years later, we are still kids at heart with one kid and another on the way, but the promise is still endless. The evolution of love is what I have found most surprising these past years. I could not have imagined that I would adore settled love more than newlywed love. Marriage requires work, as true love is willing the best of the other, above yourself. As difficult as this is, there is no love more pure and worth pursuing than that of self-sacrificial love.

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The details of the day were perfect, but looking back, do not matter. All of those details were fleeting. What does matter are those two kids, and their love for each other… how God brought those two together and is continually working through their marriage. Here’s to another 70 years with the love of my life full of laughter and babies.

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