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“My Grandma makes the best…”…..
“This is good, but not as good as how Grandma makes it….”

Phrases such as these are a dime a dozen. I never gave much thought as to why it is so common among so many people and why, in particular, that no food is as good as how your grandmother makes it (my grandmother’s mashed potatoes: ridiculously amazing, it should be in it’s own food group).

And then it hit me! It’s because Grandma not only made that great meatloaf with love, but also from scratch. Nothing artificial… no chemicals that you cannot pronounce. In those times of Post-War America, everything was homemade! Granted, life does not always permit taking time to make sure everything is made from scratch and nothing is processed. But organizational skills come in handy and planning meals a week ahead makes this kind of preparation much easier!

It’s amazing that America is not only more consumed with this “dieting mentality”, that “weight-loss breakthrough”, but America is more overweight than ever! Our culture has become all about instant gratification and ‘I want it done now’ and ‘I don’t want to have to work for it.’ Or, I like using sweetening substitutes because there are no calories… You better believe I used to be queen of that mentality! This snack has 100 calories in it vs. a handfull of almonds which has, what seems, a million more calories- to me it was a no brainer. Sacrifice the health benefit of food so that I can eat what has less calories to slim down! WRONG. Why is it now that all of these newfound diseases and health problems are arising? Just at the time when America has totally changed its way of eating?

We are at a fork in the road here, people!!!! Let’s change the way America eats! Many people call this style of eating “Clean Eating.” It is a term coined correctly; you are in fact eating clean food sans chemicals and fortified vitamins. This new posh and fashionable take on eating is no different than the way people used to eat. Regardless of what one may call this style of eating, it is easy to agree that perhaps now, more than ever, becoming healthy is important. Clean eating isn’t a diet in the sense that we may perceive the word ‘diet’ today. It is a lifestyle change- giving up all of the processed foods for healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats (oh and drinking lots of water is a must!).

Let’s get back to basics, eat in a cleanly fashion, and make those delicious foods just like Grandma made them, but with a modern flare!

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  1. You make a great point, girl. Grandma’s was the best because it was not processed! It was made from SCRATCH!!! If only we had the time to cook and bake all day like in the 40s and 50s… *sigh* ;o)

    –Kristi (from Jay’s google account!)

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