Do•It•Yourself Evergreen Wreath

It is so hard to believe that next week marks the start of the Advent season. Nothing says Advent and Christmas quite like fresh greens in the house.

DIY evergreen wreath // bacon is the way to happiness

Making your own wreath is really as easy as it seems and can cost (next to) nothing. Chances are you have all of these items in your home already!

All that you need to make your own evergreen wreath::

  1. A bunch of freshly cut evergreen branches
  2. A wire hanger
  3. Snips or pruners
  4. Floral wire

DIY evergreen wreath // bacon is the way to happiness


  1. Unwind wire hanger and reshape into a circle, twisting the ends to secure. Now you have a wreath form!
  2. Begin snipping little bits of evergreen and shaping them into miniature bouquets and tie a piece of wire around the bottom.
  3. Take another bit of wire and secure the evergreen to the wreath form.
  4. Continue making more evergreen bouquets. To secure them onto the wreath form, overlap each bouquet, so that the tops of the greens meet the halfway point of the bouquet you have already tied on (this way it hides wire and creates that beautiful layered look).
  5. Continue all the way around until the last part. This time, lift the first evergreen bouquet you tied onto the wreath form and tuck the last bouquet just underneath and secure it on, finishing the layered look.
  6. Take wire and secure any pieces that hang on loosely.
  7. Voila! It is that easy!
  8. Mist with a spray bottle full of water every day to keep it fresh!!!
  • DIY evergreen wreath

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