How to Froth Milk at Home

frothed milk via bacon is the way to happiness

Shaken, not stirred. 

I am in a constant pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee. I have tried so many various methods of coffee creating: drip, French press, Keurig, and so on… The best method of coffee creating– in my opinion– is the pour-over method. It is more hands-on than the typical Mr. Coffee drip, but the result is amazing. And, the quality of coffee the Chemex produces cannot be surpassed. It is my far my most used kitchen item and my most beloved kitchen item. If you were marooned on an island… yep.. Chemex. Hands down, every time.

chemex via bacon is the way to happiness

Each morning after I awaken, I have grand dreams. I sip on my habitual cup of java and I lose myself to my imagination. One day, I will have perfected my homemade cup of Joe. One day, I will buy a steamer for my milk to make a perfect cappuccino… One day, I will have an awesome coffee bar in the corner of my kitchen…

And then I wake up to reality. I am unable to justify spending over $1,000 on a tool that takes up counter space and furthermore, means I’ve spent $1,000 that I am not spending on truly needed items, or putting away in my piggy bank. And, really, the same mentality goes into going out for coffee every day. Each $5.00 cappuccino really adds up over the course of a week… a month… a year…

As a result of these realities, my quest for creating the perfect cup continues. Even though nothing compares to perfectly steamed milk created using a fancy machine with an Italian name I can barely pronounce, this method to creating frothed milk is a really great alternative. I have used handheld whisk frothers and, although they are effective, I have found that it’s very difficult to lighten my beloved whole milk.

Now, shaking up milk in jelly jars (or mason jars… or pasta sauce jars) is really able to give the lift needed to whole milk that my handheld frother can’t. If only a little bit of shaking here and there did the bit of lifting here and there that my mom-bod needs. 


how to froth milk at home via bacon is the way to happiness

This method is easy. It takes less than 3 minutes and you have a deliciously homemade cappuccino that costs pennies on the dollar. So, this weekend, skip the lines at the cafe and stay home and do laundry. Or, really, don’t… just make a second cappuccino and eat Nutella from a spoon. Because weekend.

Homemade Frothed Milk
Yields: 1 serving
Time: Less than 3 minutes

homemade frothed milk via bacon is the way to happiness


Ingredients & Tools:
1/2 cup of milk
Large jelly jar

1. Pour the milk into the jelly jar and make sure it does not pass too far beyond halfway, screw lid on tightly. Vigorously shake the jar for about 30 seconds… it should appear to fill the entire jar.
2. Remove the lid of the jar and place immediately into the microwave for 30 seconds. Keep an eye to make sure that foam doesn’t overflow!
3. Immediately add to coffee and enjoy!

frothed milk via bacon is the way to happiness