A Downton Abbey Inspired Lunch: Goat’s Cheese & Lemon Cucumber Tea Sandwiches

Goat's Milk Lemon Cucumber Sandwiches - Bacon is the Way to Happiness

This past Sunday, the season premiere of the final season of Downton Abbey aired. I think so many will agree with me when I say that this show is absolutely magical. The acting. The costumes. The plots. Mary’s consistent mischief, the endless drama of Edith. The Dowager Countess. Carson. That. House.

It’s uncommonly wonderful and been so much fun to watch it through the years. Upon hearing the theme, I am transported back to my first year of marriage, when I first found the show and my husband and I consumed endless bowls of popcorn trying to figure out just what in the heck that stinkin’ Thomas was going to do next.


Unique to English culture is tea time. Delicious aromatic teas coupled with delicious little sandwiches. Inspired by the final season of this show, I present to you a fun spin on traditional English tea cucumber sandwiches. Cucumber sandwiches are elegant, glorified comfort food.

Now, enter goats. Maaa. And their wonderfully tart cheese. Double maaa.  It makes for a subtle, but delicious change of the usual butter or mayonnaise dressed cucumber sandwiches. All you need is some lovely Earl Grey Tea (or gin… hey, no judgment here), and you are on your way!

Nibble on these while you giggle at Maggie Smith in her Dowager Countess perfection.

What is a weekend? Girl.. I’ve been wondering the same thing since my son has been born.




Goat's Cheese Lemon Cucumber Sandwiches - Bacon is the Way to Happiness

Goat’s Cheese & Lemon Cucumber Sandwiches
Yields: 6 to 8 servings
Time: 10 minutes

1 English Cucumber, extra thinly sliced
1/4 of a lemon
1 TBS sea salt
1 TBS lemon pepper
1 TBS celery salt
1/2 cup creamy goat’s cheese
1 TBS fresh parsley and dill, chopped, optional
1 loaf of white bread


  1. On a plate or cutting board, line up all of the thinly sliced cucumber. Liberally squeeze lemon juice over the cucumbers. Then sprinkle salt, lemon pepper, and celery salt over the cucumbers. Let them sit for about 5 minutes.
  2. Spread approximately 2 teaspoons worth of goat’s cheese on each slice of bread. Sprinkle with chopped fresh herbs and layer half of the cheesed bread with cucumbers. I fit in between 6 and 8 cucumbers on the slice.
  3. Place the slice of bread without cucumber on top of the lovely layered cucumbered bread.
  4. With a serrated knife, remove the crusts of the bread. Cut the sandwich in half. Then cut each half into a triangle.
  5. Serve and enjoy!