An Arizona East Collaboration: Designing Air Plant Terrariums

Air Plaint Terrarium - Bacon is The Way to Happiness

My oh my. Terrariums. They’re posh. They’re whimsical. They’re everywhere on Pinterest. You can hang them. You can put them on your desk. You can sleep next to them… on your nightstand… because ouch, broken glass hurts. And what’s not to love? They are self-contained little planetoids that are able to take care of themselves with minimal interference, which is PERFECT for the non-green-thumb.

When ArizonaEast (the leading wholesaler of cacti & succulents in the northeast) contacted me about a design collaboration this November, I hippity-hopped at the opportunity to get my hands dirty and have fun designing terrariums for their ever-perfect air plants.

This is what came in the mail. Eager little loves waiting to be designed into a new home!
air plants - Bacon is the Way to Happiness

The package in the mail came with a lot of fun beauties to work with and two beautiful hanging terrariums. The toughest part was pulling out some of my favoritest designs to create new ones!

Here are some of the designs that I came up with!

design 1 design2 design3 design4 design5 design6 design7

I hope one of these designs will prove to be useful for this fantastic wholesaler that provides designs like these for places like Whole Foods in the Northeast. This project was so much fun. I even broke out a pair of tweezers to get some of these designs just so. And maybe did some plucking of the eyebrows after, for good measure.

Thank you, AGAIN, ArizonaEast for this wonderfully fun opportunity!!