Bacon is the Way to Happiness

I am a gal who wears many hats. I am a wife and a mother. I work in a flower shop. I write. And I cook.

Because of the way life took me in 2012 (loss and new career ventures), I found myself unable to write about food any longer.  I had lost my voice. I was unable to walk into the kitchen, pick up a knife with gusto (don’t worry, I’m not psycho), and cook from the heart. So, I decided to let the blog go.

Since then, so much as happened. I had a baby. The flower shop I work for went from the owner plus one employee (ahem, me) to a booming business that does upwards of 150 weddings each year with seven employees. I have scaled back from full-time at the shop to working weddings and managing the shop’s social media. And I have begun writing again.

I was approached by ShopRite to rejoin their blogger panel entitled Potluck.  I adored contributing in the past and jumped at the opportunity to do so once again. However, this brought forth a new reality: I was going to have to resurrect the food blog.

But how does one do that exactly? I originally imagined it required some sort of voodoo or Harry Potter magic. In reality, all it takes is a few words and some clicking.

Well, I suppose it does require a bit more than that.

To those of you who were so kind (and more likely bribed) to follow my blog in the past, welcome back. Thank you! I am sure you have noticed that I decided to make some changes. One major change was the name of the blog.

I’ve decided to change the name of my blog from “Cleanliness is Next to Godliness” to “Bacon is the Way to Happiness.” Half-whim, half-contrived. Inspired by a touching moment I had (alone) while cooking bacon. The house smelled amazing as two slices sizzled on my grandmother’s cast iron skillet. I realized that bacon is perhaps the way to happiness. It was in this moment that my house was clean, I had on makeup, and my son wasn’t trying to hurtle himself toward injury.


And bacon.

Here you will see some recipes I have shaped, others I’ve tested. As well as other little glimpses into my world. I have also kept all of my old posts, dating all the way back to my humble (read: embarrassing) beginnings.

So, hello to old friends and new! It is so nice to see you.

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