8 Months of Silence

Well, it has been approximately 8 months since I’ve done anything remotely productive on here. I would normally apologize, but I won’t. And, let me tell you, it’s because a heck of a lot has happened in these short (or long) 8 months.  Some things I will chat about, others I am not quite ready to share, but I may be ready in time.

The first reason I have completely neglected this blog? Well, we made the tough decision to sell our home. It is never an easy decision, but when weighing a whole host of pros & cons to packing and shipping out, we realized it was the right decision to make. Now, let me tell you, selling your house is difficult.

No real ground-breaking realization there, but it is something that can only be realized when lived.


It is tough when you love the home you’ve created, especially when it was created from nothing (our house was a shell when we purchased it, complete with tin patches on the floors that were once hardwood). It’s not easy to have this home scrutinized. It may be even more difficult to have your house liked, even close to loved, with no bites from buyers.

As you make a house a home, you put your blood, sweat, and tears into the transformation. Like fine Italian leather shoes, it takes years to break it in and get it just right. Truthfully, I have never owned fine Italian leather shoes, so I am taking others’ words for it. And using the metaphor for the shoes I often purchase barely held up.

Each showing brings about a new level of stress as to whether the house is clean enough and staged properly. Throwing a toddler into the process only increases the anxiety! Especially considering that the majority of showings take place during the dinner hour through bedtime. Although, he somehow managed to keep up his spirits despite it all.


We put our house on the market in the beginning of the spring. We had so many showings. So so many. But the market was completely flooded, so after a couple months of showings with no bites, we took our house off the market. We needed a break. Our son needed a break. And we were going abroad, so it just made sense.

As summer came to a close, we decided to put our house back on the market. And boy were things even more active this time around- and they were active to begin with! I don’t even have enough fingers and toes to count the amount of buyers that came through our house since the first week of September. We even had a local website do a video feature on our house as a must-see real estate listing (that made this mama feel gooooood). Creep that video here. Fortunately now, after one month of relisting, our house is under contract.

Thanks be to God, really. I think it is only because of His goodness we survived this second bout of house selling and that someone finally decided to put in an offer. Not to mention St. Joseph’s intercessory prayers– poor guy, we really put him to work. And also our realtor… he has made everything so much easier, too. It is really worth having a top-notch realtor. Seriously.


Our prayer is that everything goes smoothly with the inspection Monday. I must admit, I have this fear that the report will come back to read,


In all likelihood, this isn’t going to happen! But, I will be completely relieved when that step of the process is over.

The other reality to having your house on the market, especially as a food blogger? It is INSANELY difficult to cook, stage, photograph, and– consequently– to write. One week, we were out of the house 5 days during the dinner hour(s). Cooking breakfast and lunch those days wasn’t really happening, considering once I scrubbed that oven, I was adamant that it was going to stay clean. SO, DINER HERE WE COME!!

FullSizeRender (1)

Today, I had a realization about myself, my perfectionism, and how I viewed my blog. If I weren’t going to craft what I viewed to be the most amazing recipe, I believed it wasn’t worth sharing.

How unrealistic is this? This is not normal life! If you make a dinner and it’s purely mediocre, you don’t toss everything into the trashcan and explain to your family that, well, I mean, it just wasn’t photographable. Real life is a mediocre dinner.

Real life is heating up leftovers for dinner. Real life is heating up leftovers that someone else was paid to cook for dinner!!

Like this… Pizza from lunch today that someone else cooked and I reheated for dinner, documented via iPhone. The neat thing was, the way it was reheated recreated that fresh-out-of-the-oven, I-can’t-possibly-wait-for-it-to-cool-before-my-first-bite pizza feeling.


How do you properly reheat leftover pizza?

First, do yourself a favor and purchase a baking stone.

Then, preheat your oven (with baking stone in) to 350 degrees. Once the oven has preheated, place these bad boys on your baking stone and wait 5 minutes. And MAGIC! It’s just like when you were in the restaurant.

Another thing that this 8 month silence has caused me to realize, other than the fact that not all recipes have to be ground-breaking to be real and useful… that not all posts have to be strictly related to food. I mean, we’re all living LIFE and the realities of it, right?


….more on that to come… along with a website redesign, eep!

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